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Our team provides high-quality, low-cost healthcare services to care for your and your whānau’s health conditions, help you recover from illnesses or minor injuries and keep you well. 

Our GPs can also refer you to other health services, locally, regionally and nationally when needed.

  • Accident and injury management

    We offer extensive services to manage most minor accidents.

    You can visit any of our clinics to treat accidental injuries caused, for example, by a car or work accident, a bite or scratch from an insect, animal or person, cooking burns, a fall, or other injuries caused by an accident. 

    Your doctor visit is also free if your condition:

    • comes on gradually because of your work
    • is a result of medical treatment
    • is a result of sexual assault or physical abuse.

    Any accidental injury that occurs in New Zealand is covered by ACC, which means healthcare services are provided free of charge or at a reduced cost. 

    If you are unsure whether your injury is covered by ACC, please ask the receptionist, nurse or doctor.

    The Bairds Road, Mangere Town Centre, Weymouth, Dawson Road, Glen Innes and Mt Roskill Medical and Surgical Centre clinics are open 7 days a week and are ACC urgent care accredited.

    For after-hours care (until 11pm), please visit our Bairds Road clinic or call 09 274 7823

    In an emergency, dial 111 and ask for an ambulance.

    You can also call Healthline free 24/7 on 0800 661 116 for health advice.

  • Breast screening

    We encourage women to have regular breast screening, which is used to identify breast cancer early so that treatment can start and increase the chance of a full recovery.

    BreastScreen Aotearoa is a national breast screening programme offering a free screening mammogram every two years for women who:

    • are aged 45–69 years
    • have no symptoms of breast cancer
    • have not had a mammogram in the last 12 months
    • are not pregnant or breastfeeding
    • are eligible for public health services in New Zealand.
  • Care Plus (multiple diseases)

    Care Plus is a full check-up and support service for enrolled patients with more than one chronic or long-term condition, acute medical or mental health needs or terminal illness.

    Care Plus is provided through Counties Manukau District Health Board and offered by Local Doctors. 

    Eligible patients are entitled to cheaper clinic visits four times a year. Ask your doctor or nurse if you think you may be eligible. If you are not eligible, other support and services may be available.

    Care Plus patients receive:

    • an initial, full assessment, exploring your health needs
    • an individual care plan including realistic, achievable health and quality of life-related goals, with regular follow-ups 
    • effective management of chronic health conditions
    • a better understanding of your condition 
    • support to make lifestyle changes.
  • Cervical smears

    Free cervical cancer screening is available to all enrolled patients.

    All women aged 20–69 years are advised to have a cervical screening test every three years if the initial smear results are normal.

    If you are aged over 20 and haven’t had a cervical smear in the last three years, talk to your nurse or GP at any of our clinics. 

  • Cervical cancer vaccine (HPV immunisation programme)

    A free cervical cancer vaccine is available for everyone, male and female, aged 9–26 years, including non-residents under the age of 18.

    The vaccine offers protection against human papillomaviruses (HPV) that can lead to cervical cancer.

    For more information, talk to your doctor or practice nurse.

  • Heart health checks

    A heart health check gives you information about your risk of having a heart or stroke, and provides advice on the best ways to improve your health. With the right information and action, you can make the choice to live a long and healthy life.

    During the check, a doctor or nurse will:

    • ask about smoking, exercise and diet
    • ask about family history of heart attacks or strokes 
    • measure your blood pressure, height, weight and waist
    • test your blood for levels of cholesterol and sugar (diabetes screening).  

    The doctor or nurse will also help you to:

    • Make a plan – Plan your goals for improving your health.
    • Options – Discuss and choose ways to tackle your risk factors, including lifestyle changes and drug therapy.
    • Check-ups  Set a schedule of routine check-ups to plot your progress over time.
  • Immigration medical examinations

    We are an approved provider of medical examinations for Immigration New Zealand at our Lincoln Road Medical Centre and the White Cross Glenfield Urgent Care and GP and White Cross Whangarei clinics. 

    Forms and other details can be downloaded from the Immigration New Zealand website.

  • Insurance reports

    Mortgage, life insurance and income protection companies require an assessment of your health status, for which they request an assessment or records of medical history (or both) from your GP.

    As your healthcare provider, Local Doctors provides the insurance report and makes every effort to ensure information is received by the requesting company in a timely manner.

    Phone 09 274 7823 for more information.

  • Laboratory tests

    Our doctors may order a blood or urine (pee) test to help diagnose your condition or monitor how well your medication is working. These tests could measure blood sugar or cholesterol and other things in your blood, or could include taking tissue, like a mole, to test for cancer. 

    Urine testing is done at our clinics, while blood and tissue testing is usually sent to a lab for analysis. 

    It takes about 48 hours for our clinics to receive test results. In some cases, patients are contacted to schedule a follow-up clinic visit to discuss the results.

    Phone 09 274 7823 to ask about your results.

  • Management of long-term conditions

    We offer programmes to help eligible patients manage chronic conditions or high risk factors, including:

    • diabetes
    • cardiovascular disease
    • congestive heart failure
    • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
    • gout
    • asthma
    • depression
    • multiple chronic conditions.

    Patients can also receive on-on-one health coaching. The programmes are free, or available at the subsidised rate, to eligible patients. 

    A nurse provides ongoing support, a care plan with personalised goals, resources and advice for navigating the healthcare system. Transport can also be arranged to get you to your clinic.

  • Maternity care

    Every pregnant woman registered with us has a choice of maternity care and lead maternity carer (LMC). You can choose between independent midwife care, care at the hospital or care with a specialist. You can discuss the best LMC option for you with your nurse or GP at any of our clinics.  

    • Independent midwife: You can choose to have your own midwife LMC, who provides care throughout your pregnancy and until your baby is about six weeks old.  
    • Hospital setting: If you wish to be taken care of in a hospital setting, you will see a hospital-based midwife LMC. Which hospital depends on where you live, talk to your nurse of GP about this.
    • Specialist care: Talk with our team at any of our clinics if you want to know more information about care from an obstetrician LMC.
  • Mental health

    We all experience stress and challenges in our lives, which can make us feel helpless, sad, worried or angry, interfere with our normal sleeping and eating habits, make us lose interest in friends, family and our favourite activities and can have other negative effects on our wellbeing.

    If signs of stress do not go away after a week, it is important to do something about it.  

    Support from your Local Doctors clinic
    Local Doctors GPs can give you advice and support about how to manage your stress and challenges. The doctor may prescribe medication to help relieve some of your symptoms, refer you to see a therapist for some funded counselling sessions and/or refer you to attend an evidence-based group programme. If you are struggling with social or financial issues, they may refer you for support from a community support worker. 

    The Wellness Support Team
    If your doctor or nurse thinks you would benefit, they may refer or recommend that you  engage with our Wellness Support Team. The Wellness Support Team provides funded psychiatry assessments/medication review, therapy packages, brief Wellness Advisor consults and group programmes to help mental and/or physical health problems. The team can provide tools and resources to help you learn to better manage stress and difficult challenges and emotions. 

    The Wellness Support Team is led by consultant psychiatrist Dr David Codyre who has more than 30 years of experience in the community mental health sector in a range of clinical and leadership roles. He has spent the past 16 years leading the development of primary mental health programmes and advocating at a regional and national level for strengthening primary mental health capacity. He is also the lead psychiatrist to the National Telehealth Service.

    The team has a range of psychologists and therapists who are able to offer support to children, adolescents, adults, couples and families across Auckland.

    Mindfulness and Awareness Aotearoa programme
    This wellness course combines mindfulness, meditation and psychology to help you and your family:

    • manage stress, anxiety, depression, anger and grief
    • respond wisely to difficult circumstances
    • reduce stress at work and at home
    • grow in self-awareness, self-compassion and resilience  
    • cope with chronic pain and illness in helpful ways
    • sleep better and learn to relax body and mind.

    Mindfulness and Awareness Aotearoa is offered across Auckland during the day and evening. If you are interested in attending a mindfulness course, phone Michelle on 09 274 7823 ext 9978 or

    Self-management education programme
    Manage Better is a peer-led self-management course for anyone who has a long-term condition or is a caregiver for someone with a long term condition such as diabetes, depression, chronic pain, heart disease, asthma or anxiety.

    Participants learn self-management tools such as planning, healthy eating and exercising, sleeping, working with health care providers, problem solving and decision making to help better manage their health condition. Courses are held in English, Hindi and Tongan. We also offer a kaupapa Māori course.

    To find out more, phone Rita Tai on 09 274 7823 ext 9540 or email

    The Manage Better course is adapted for use in New Zealand and is based on the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program developed at the Patient Education Center at Stanford University

    For further information about the Wellness Support Team and its offerings, please phone Pallavi Mishra, operations manager on 09 274 7823 ext 9522 or email

  • Minor surgery

    Some of our doctors can provide minor surgical treatments at a reasonable cost, including treatment of moles, skin cancers, lumps or cysts, varicose or spider veins, ingrown toenails and corns, circumcision, vasectomy, biopsy of skin conditions, and steroid injections for the treatment of keloid and hypertrophic scars, frozen shoulder and tendonitis.

    Contact our Sylvia Park clinic to learn more.

  • Oral health clinics

    Oral health services are offered through affiliated Smile Dental clinics:

    • Ranui Medical Centre, 419 Swanson Rd, Ranui
    • Takanini Medical Centre, 30 Walters Rd, Takanini

    School dental clinics
    Pre-schoolers can attend school dental clinics in Otara, Mangere, and Glen Innes for free. Talk with your practice nurse for information on enrolment and how to get your child’s teeth checked. Or phone 0800 TALK TEETH (0800 825 583).

  • Patient support services

    Contact your local clinic to learn more about these services.

    Community health workers
    Community health workers provide services to patients in their homes. They explain, reinforce, support and help people with social and medical issues. They also help transport patients to the clinics when required. 

    You may benefit from a community health worker intervention if you:

    • cannot make it to appointments
    • are severely incapacitated
    • do not have transport
    • do not have a support person
    • require an interpreter/translation service. 

    Self-management education
    Self-management education is a free programme in your local community for you and your family. The programme aims to improve wellbeing, especially for those who have long-term medical conditions.

    The programme empowers patients to:

    • learn new skills to manage your health condition
    • develop confidence in the way you manage your condition(s)
    • meet others and share similar experience
    • learn new tips for keeping as well as possible
    • feel in control of your life
    • have the opportunity to be trained as a community leader
    • achieve goals and milestones
    • turn obstacles into milestones.

    If you have diabetes, cardiovascular disease or another chronic condition, please ask your doctor or nurse about the self-management education programme. 

    Discharge care coordinator
    If you or any of your family members have recently been discharged from hospital, you may expect a call from our discharge care coordinator to check your wellbeing, advise you on follow ups and make sure you understand your medication.

    Prescription subsidy
    A prescription subsidy may be available to selected patients who meet criteria around the number of long-term conditions and financial need to assist in them accessing medications.

    Ambulance and taxi subsidy
    An ambulance or taxi subsidy may be available to selected patients who need financial help to lower their bills for transport to and from their Local Doctors clinic.

  • Repeat prescriptions

    We can provide repeat prescriptions for enrolled patients for a period of up to six months especially for stable conditions such as asthma, hypertension or diabetes. 

    To request a repeat prescription, call 09 274 7823. If you are enrolled at our Chapel Park, Lincoln Rd, Ranui, and Wai Health clinics can also request repeat prescriptions via your Manage My Health patient portal.

  • Sexual health

    Registered patients aged 14–24 years are entitled to have a free consultation for sexual health issues. You can discuss contraception, management of sexually transmitted infections and other sexual health needs and learn about sexual health.

    Sexual health consultations can include:

    • access to information on sexual health, contraception and sexuality, sexual identity and orientation
    • decision making
    • condom and safe sex information
    • pregnancy testing advice
    • emergency contraception
    • assessment of sexually transmitted infections
    • disclosure of sexual abuse or coercion.
    • sexual orientation and LGBTIQ+ issues

    Consultations are a safe place to discuss sexual health issues. All discussions are kept private and confidential. 

  • Vaccinations

    Routine vaccinations are important to keep your child and your whānau immunised against childhood diseases and staying well. Children should have and are entitled to receive free immunisations at six weeks, three months, five months, 15 months and five years.

    Speak to your clinic about other non-funded but important vaccinations, eg, meningitis.

  • Well Child visits

    All children in New Zealand from six weeks up to age five are entitled to free Well Child checks. The Well Child checks consist of a series of health visits and support from Well Child Tamariki Ora nurses. Find a Well Child Tamariki Ora provider

    The visits cover your child's growth and development, immunisation, early childhood education, development checks and vision and hearing tests.

    Learn more about Well Child visits.

  • X-rays

    Horizon Radiology offers an in-house x-ray service that can take plain x-rays needed for orthopaedic consultations, ACC and immigration checks. X-ray services are offered at:

    Bairds Road
    160 Bairds Rd, Otara 
    Phone: 09 271 4086

    Dawson Road
    124 Dawson Road, Chapel Downs
    Phone 09 281 3040

    Mangere Town Centre
    10 Waddon Place, Mangere
    Phone (0800) 746 853

    Mt Roskill Medical and Surgical Centre
    445 Richardson Road, Mt Roskill
    Phone 09 627 8552 extension 8728