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ACC Assessments

If you’ve been injured in an accident and require an ACC assessment and ongoing injury treatment, we have you covered with 24/7 care through our extensive clinic network.

Why use Local Doctors for ACC?

If you’re injured in an accident, come and see us first. As ACC-approved treatment providers, we can assess your injury, determine whether it is likely to be covered by ACC and can make an ACC claim for you. 

ACC assessments at Local Doctors are fast, free for enrolled patients, and accessible and affordable for casual patients. Walk-ins are welcome at any of our 40+ clinics, and we encourage you to check clinic wait times online before you leave so you can get the care you need where and when you want it.

We also have 24/7 ACC care available at select urgent care clinics who can help you with your injury out of hours.

All of our White Cross urgent care clinics Ascot 24/7, Glenfield Urgent Care and GP, Henderson 24/7, Lunn Ave Urgent Care and GP, New Lynn Urgent Care and GP and Whangarei provide accident and injury treatment. Our Local Doctors clinics also provide these services at Local Doctors Otara, Mangere Town Centre, Weymouth, Dawson Rd, Glen Innes and Mt Roskill Medical and Surgical Centre. These clinics are all open 7 days a week and are ACC urgent care accredited.

Following injury treatment, we can also provide ongoing management of your injury.

What does ACC cover?

ACC covers any accidental injury that happens in New Zealand. The cover ACC provides helps pay for related healthcare services, meaning you get these services at a reduced cost. This can include payment towards medical bills, treatment, home help, special aids or equipment, education, therapy, work help and help to supplement your income.

Your injury must be an accident to be covered by ACC. This means that ACC will cover injury from sprains through to permanent disability, but won't cover the likes of general illness, non-work related gradual process injuries, diseases, infections, age-related conditions and mental injury (except for some very specific instances). 

Common injuries covered by ACC include:

  • Sprains or strains
  • Cuts and bruises
  • Fractures, amputations and dislocations
  • Concussion and loss of consciousness
  • Injuries caused by treatment
  • Work-related gradual process injuries, such as tendonitis, and deafness caused by noise at work

ACC will cover most physical injuries if they're caused by an accident, sexual violence or a condition that comes on gradually because of work. Injuries that are long term, permanent or that happened at birth may also be covered. Discover the full list of injuries covered on ACC's website.

If you happen to get injured while overseas for work or on holiday, ACC may still pay for related treatment or rehabilitation treatment upon your return to New Zealand. 

If ACC accepts your injury was caused by an accident, they will decide how much of the ongoing management of that injury will be funded. If you're unsure whether your injury is covered by ACC, a clinic nurse or doctor at any of our Local Doctors and White Cross clinics can help.

Free ACC Consultations

ACC consultations are free for patients enrolled with Local Doctors or White Cross. Plus you can save on every appointment -most GP consults are $20 or under and online consultations just $10. We have a 30+ network of 24-hour and GP clinics. Enrol with one clinic, and access them all. 

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What to do if you’re injured

If you're injured in an accident, you should see your doctor or health provider first. As ACC-approved treatment providers with an extensive clinic network, we have a wide range of Kiwi doctors who can help.

Our doctors will first assess your injury and determine whether it is likely to be covered by ACC. We can then make sure you fill out all the right forms and make a claim to ACC on your behalf. 

Claims can be made up to 12 months after your injury. ACC may still consider claims made after this time if there's a good reason for the claim not being made sooner.

Next, ACC will confirm if you're covered. You may first receive a text advising you what is happening with your claim. You will then receive a letter to confirm whether ACC has covered your injury. You will typically receive this letter within a week of your claim being submitted. If ACC doesn't cover your claim, they will let you know why in your letter.

If your claim is successful, ACC will contribute towards the ongoing treatment and management of your injury. You may also receive additional support for the likes of home help and transport, and, if you can't work because of your injury, they can help with your income.

What is ACC

In New Zealand, the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) provides everyone, citizen, resident or visitor, compulsory insurance cover for personal injuries. This means if you've had an accident in New Zealand that's left you with an injury, some of your medical and rehabilitation costs may be covered by ACC to help you get back on your feet.

ACC is a no-fault scheme. This means it doesn't matter what you were doing when you were injured or who was at fault—whether that be a result of your actions or someone else's—you'll be covered as long as it falls within ACC's legislation. This can include driving, playing sports, and accidents at work or at home

Ongoing accident and injury management

Local Doctors clinics, and White Cross clinics offering GP care, all provide extensive services to manage minor injuries and accidents, such as cleaning and bandaging wounds, suturing wounds and removing stitches etc.

Most often, when you have injured yourself quite badly, you will first need to go to an urgent care clinic for immediate assessment and treatment. But, after that, you are best to visit your local doctor for ongoing management of the injury.

You can visit any of our clinics listed in the search field below for this kind of aftercare to manage your injuries.