About Us

At Tāmaki Health we put a little heart into everything we do. We’re passionate about medical care for the communities we serve, and we take care of each other as we strive for a better future for everyone.

Our clinics provide high-quality and accessible healthcare for all people, no matter their ethnicity, gender, faith or financial position.

We stand and live by our values: work as one, strive for a better tomorrow, be available, take care of each other, for the better good.

Tāmaki Health is the management service organisation for the Local Doctors and White Cross network of medical clinics.

We changed our name from Nirvana Health Group in April 2019.

Our focus is on helping the network to improve health and wellbeing by offering easy to access, high-quality, affordable services in the community for our general patient population.

Local Doctors and White Cross together make up the largest independent primary healthcare group in New Zealand, serving 230,000 enrolled patients across 45 clinics.

Care is provided by clinics across Auckland and New Zealand, employing more than 1,000 staff from multiple ethnicities including about 300 doctors. On any given day, Tāmaki Health providers offer care to 4,000 people.

Tāmaki Health has been a trailblazer in the health sector for more than 40 years. Read more about our history.

We invest heavily in technology and our talented, diverse staff lead the way in wellness and preventive healthcare.

Working after hours at more affordable prices, makes our services available to people when they are most in need, often taking pressure off busy ED departments.

Among our greatest strengths is our ability and willingness to challenge the norms about healthcare and pilot new ways to help people to be happier and healthier. 

In this way we focus on taking care of each other and always striving for a better future ‒ both for our patients and our staff.

Leading the way in healthcare

The care our network provides makes a huge difference to the lives of our patients, including a large number of high-needs Pasifika and Māori. In Counties Manukau, we are the largest primary healthcare provider to Pasifika, caring for more than 54,700 enrolled Pacific Island patients.

We were the first healthcare provider in New Zealand to involve peer health coaches to support diabetes patients, and our inhouse Mental Wellness Team is a leader in the use of self-management support.

Tāmaki Health is also a leader in the early adoption of the Medtech Evolution PMS software that is used throughout our clinic network to bring continuity, consistency and safety in patient care.

Working as one team

Tāmaki Health network’s teams include GPs, operations managers, nurses, receptionists, clinical assistants and clinical family navigators. Our commitment to work together helps patients to easily access a range of services, including advanced primary care services, and improves patient care. 

Vital community connections

Tāmaki Health works closely with the South Auckland community to better understand needs and respond to them.

Our talented and well-respected community liaison officer, Lorenzo Kaisara, works with schools, churches and community groups making presentations on health topics and delivering health information.

Tāmaki Health also puts out a weekly e-newsletter, Communitycations, to keep the community informed about health news and events.