Together we thrive

Join New Zealand's largest privately-owned primary care organisation, where equality and community are at the very heart of all we do.

Working as one
Career opportunities abound here at NZ’s largest primary healthcare group. We have a network of 50 clinics and growing – including general practice and urgent care clinics, plus New Zealand’s first at-scale Telehealth service Bettr. We play a crucial role in healthy communities, caring for over 4,000 patients every day of the year – that’s more than a million consults a year! It takes an extraordinary team to get it done.

You can read more about Tāmaki Health here.

A caring community
We are one big family of passionate health professionals, 1300-strong and counting. Kiwis from all walks of life who share one common goal. Our team are nurses, doctors, and many support people alongside them, all working day-in-day-out to give the best quality of care to our communities.

We're growing — join us

We are always looking for qualified doctors, nurses and clinical support people, with roles available across multiple locations. We also welcome applications of interest. As we continue to grow our network, we frequently have positions open for clinical coordinators, clinical directors, and corporate support across multiple functions such as HR, operations, finance, and our call centre.

  • At Tamaki Health, you have options. Choose Urgent Care or General Practice. Pick flexible, part-time or full-time work. Choose from over 40 locations to be closer to home. At Tamaki Health, you’ll find greater flexibility than the DHBs can provide, and we provide support and development pathways into senior nursing roles and management positions for our most ambitious nurses too. 

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  • Be it Urgent Care or General Practice, and whether you want full, part-time or casual hours, with the support of the Tamaki Health network you have the freedom to focus on patient care. Opportunities across Auckland and Christchurch mean you have the choice of location to suit you. You’ll require the right to work in New Zealand and the requisite medical qualifications. 

  • Our first face to patients and a key communicator between roles internally, these roles are crucial in keeping our clinics running smoothly day-to-day. Our Medical Receptionists help to ensure patients receive better, faster care and have a positive experience. You’ll play a major role in prioritising workflows, managing process, addressing issues and collecting payments. Most importantly, you’ll bring a friendly, courteous and capable approach to managing our patients’ expectations, ensuring they come away knowing that every possible care has been taken.

  • Our Clinic Directors provide clinical leadership, direction and governance within each clinic. Through their leadership, our teams can deliver the highest quality of care to our patients across the network while supporting Tamaki Health's organisational values and directives. Their remit is to lead by example, driving exemplary teamwork, excellent clinical performance and clinical credibility.

  • Our clinical teams are supported by professionals behind the scenes who keep things running smoothly. Our skilled head office team provides support across operational, finance, HR, clinic support and call centre divisions.

We strive for Better for All

Our goal is to ensure every person in our communities has access to the best care possible. High needs communities and VLCH (very low-cost healthcare) services are central to our ethos. We are constantly innovating to find new and better ways to deliver care.

Our brands

We operate most of our general practice clinics under the Local Doctors network and our urgent and emergency care facilities under White Cross. In addition, we have partner clinics operating from <Whangarei> in the North, all the way to Christchurch in the South Island, and have work opportunities across the network. 

Starting with one clinic in East Tamaki, we’ve built up our network through smart practices, ambition to do good work, and good relationships. As we continue to change and grow into the future, we carry forward the legacy of our co-founders, Dr Kantilal Patel and his wife Ranjna, staying rooted in strong principles that inform our values.

An eye on tomorrow

Striving for a better tomorrow is one of our core values, which means continuous improvement and innovation in our service delivery.

Our most recent achievements have included a central role in implementing innovative integrated primary mental health support services into general practice, developing an in-clinic programme in our GP clinics through our wellness support team. 

2020 also saw the launch of New Zealand’s largest at-scale telehealth service with our new online doctor consult service, Bettr. 

Hear from our team

At Tamaki Health, we pride ourselves on the individuals that make up our team.

Here, we act as a family, providing your family with some of the best healthcare in the country. Our mission to provide communities with high-quality, low-cost healthcare wouldn’t be possible without our talent.

Listen to what some of our team have to say about working at Tamaki Health.

The way we work together

Since our first clinic was founded in 1975, we’ve been guided by strong principles in how we work, care for patients, and treat each other. At the heart of it is community, teamwork, shared responsibility, and a desire to do and be better every day. These are the values we look for in each person who joins this special team. 

Work as one

We value every role equally, embracing and celebrating our differences, and the contributions of every voice and skill set. Together our strengths help us confidently be the best we can for our patients.

Strive for a better tomorrow

We find ways to improve the health and lives of our patients and to do the same for our team in their work and development. We always innovate for new and better methods of care and a better workplace where each person is supported to achieve their potential.

Be available

We take time to help our colleagues. As managers, we make sure we’re there to listen and support. We all commit to show up for our patients with kindness and respect.

Take care of each other

Caring is core to everything we do. We watch out for each other at work, so we can all do our jobs better. We know our character defines us, so we are warm and sympathetic to people of all ethnicities, cultures, religions and political beliefs - our differences give us strength.   

For the better good

We care about access for everyone, not just for a few. We’re here for the good of everyone in the community, including the people we work with every day. We hold ourselves accountable and trust and empower each other to do what’s right for our patients and the community. 

Part of our communities

Beyond clinic services, we play an active role in the community, building connections and engagement to support good health. Focusing on our core South Auckland area and the Pacific community, we partner with local groups and other health service providers on many prevention and awareness initiatives.

Alongside our PHO, Total Healthcare, we show up for our community in so many ways; we actively participate in community activities and programmes, from supporting events like the Diversity Festival to sponsoring and participating in the Pacific Youth Health Expo, providing free diabetes testing and health checks in the community, promoting occasions like World Smokefree Day and Breast Cancer Awareness, promoting men’s health, women’s health, bowel screening, water safety, hosting community health events, acting as a participating member on a number of advisory boards, groups and panels and so much more every month. We even run a free-to-all fitness bootcamp programme.

“Everyone deserves good health, and our communities are stronger when they are healthy. We’ll achieve it by supporting each other like family.” – Lorenzo Kaisara, Local Doctors Community Liaison Officer.

Supporting our people

We’re always working to improve the ways we can benefit our team and make the job work better for you.

A structure for success

With a corporate support team set up to keep the cogs turning, our clinic teams are supported to deliver high-quality clinical work. Our HR team are continuously working to develop systems and structures that increase training and development opportunities, open up pathways for professional growth, and support teams and individuals to do what they do best and to enjoy work more.

Team engagement

With a team spread over so many locations, each clinic is its own little family but we have strong systems in place to help the head office team keep everyone working together, with regular company-wide communications in place, and team events to keep us all connected. Our people tell us they love working in such a diverse workplace and with close-knit supportive teams that are part of one big extended family.

Choice is yours

  • Our wide clinic network means you can work where you want. Meaning shorter commutes, and working in your local community.
  • With both Local Doctors and White Cross clinic groups in our network, you can choose Urgent Care or General Practice to work in your field of interest.

Living in Auckland, New Zealand

If you are new to the country, New Zealand has a lot to offer for career and lifestyle balance. As NZ’s largest metropolitan city, none more so than Auckland. The city offers a wide array of attractions for foodies, nature enthusiasts, surfers, sailors and hikers, fashion and culture lovers. Multicultural, Auckland offers up tastes and interests from all over the world, alongside our unique Kiwi approach to life. Even in the CBD, you’re mere minutes from a lively harbour and beaches, and just a short drive from many bush walks and wild coastal scenery. Everything in this compact country is within reach from Auckland, including snowy mountains, country towns and ancient native forests. Big enough to offer interest and small enough to feel relaxed, it’s a refreshing mix made for better lifestyles.

  • In joining Tamaki Health you have a ready-made community already in place. Auckland is spread out, but with clinics all over Auckland, you can find work closer to where you live.   

  • While most of our network is in Auckland, we also have clinics in Whangarei, Palmerston North and Christchurch, with roles periodically available.

Applying is easy

Are you interested in joining our team? You can apply for roles or register your interest in future opportunities on our jobs platform here.

International applicants

Representing multicultural New Zealand, we are a diverse workplace that thrives on different viewpoints and have valued team members from all over the world. We’re always ready to welcome new New Zealanders who bring the skills we need to continue offering high-quality healthcare in our communities. Specifically, Doctors are in high demand, and we welcome applicants from those with the right qualifications.

  • To apply to work with Tamaki Health, please send us a detailed CV, along with three current references and a cover letter. With your application, be sure to let us know a bit about you, what you are looking for and what New Zealand locations you are interested to live in.


    If you are applying from overseas to work in New Zealand as a doctor, you will need to have relevant experience in your country of origin and be able to apply to register with the Medical Council of New Zealand. Doctors and nurses are both on the current skills shortages lists in New Zealand, and those with good skills and experience are highly valued here.

  • There are many resources available to help you move to live and work in New Zealand and to learn more about what’s involved.


    For doctors, you can learn more about registering to practise in New Zealand on the Medical Council of New Zealand website.


    To learn more about moving to New Zealand, explore the official government site.


    You can learn about different kinds of VISAs on the immigration website. (Currently, to work in New Zealand, doctors need to apply for a Critical Purpose Visitor VISA).


    Once you are here, or when you start planning to come, you will want to start building a social network and finding support in the everyday parts of life. Networks such as Newcomers are a good place to start.

  • If you are successful and we make you a job offer, we will help you with your application to the Medical Council of New Zealand, including the references we do for your job application, arranging a supervisor, and submitting the application once you fill it out.


    Once you join us, we provide induction and ongoing support and training to all our team members to ensure you’re confident and well equipped in your role. 

  • You will need to arrange your own travel and necessary VISAs yourself, as well as accommodation once you arrive here in New Zealand.


    Under current Covid-19 restrictions, you will also need to complete a mandatory 14 day managed isolation period upon arrival. Spaces are limited, and there are fees applicable for this, so it pays to plan in advance. Learn more here